Oya No Kai, Inc. cordially invites you to the Japanese Immersion Program’s Annual Auction on Saturday, February 11, 2012. This event supports the Japanese Immersion Program’s Intern Program, 5th Grade Cultural Exchange, 8th Grade Research Residency and the new High School 6-week Summer Institute. These are unique student opportunities and experiences and what make the JMP a model program.

Intern Program:

Our 19 Japanese interns are an integral part of the Japanese Immersion Program. In addition to aiding the Japanese teachers in the classroom, they provide an additional key benefit by allowing our children to hear two native Japanese language speakers on a daily basis. Oya No Kai supports the interns by providing home-stays, lunch on school days, bus passes, ESL instruction, community activities and experiences, bikes, helmets and bike safety classes, and professional development sessions.

5th Grade Cultural Exchange:

Richmond JMP 5th grade students have the opportunity to travel to Japan upon completion of their 5th grade year. The main objectives of the 5th grade Japanese Cultural Exchange are:

• To provide students with an authentic cultural experience.

• To allow students to use their language skills and cultural knowledge.

• To provide a home-stay experience.

• To have a culminating experience for 6 years of learning Japanese.

• To help students commit to continuing with the JMP in middle and high school.

Over the years, the JMP has formed lasting relationships with schools and cities in Japan. This cultural exchange is an amazing experience celebrating years of hard work for both the students and their parents.

8th Grade Research Residency:

This two-week integrated academic cultural exchange to Japan in the Spring provides 8th grade JMP students at Mt. Tabor Middle School the opportunity to utilize their language skills and cultural understandings, to explore and conduct research in rural and urban areas of Hiroshima, Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures. Students begin their studies at the site of the dropping of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima. From there they are hosted by a small agricultural town, Santo, in Hyogo prefecture and employ various forms of transportation to reach their field study sites. Students must meet both academic and behavior requirements as well as take an active role in the design and preparations of the cultural exchange to participate in this school sponsored cultural exchange. The 8th grade teacher and the students of the 8th grade class plan this cultural exchange. Although this is a PPS sponsored trip, no Portland Public School funds are used for this cultural exchange; all financing for this cultural exchange is again, the responsibility of the parents.

High School Trip Summer Institute:

Summer Intensive Learning in Japan: During the summer following their sophomore or junior year, SOGO COURSE students at Grant High School may participate in an intensive six-week summer institute in Japan sponsored by the Portland Sapporo Sister City Association, PPS, and Oya No Kai, Inc.   This institute involves high-level language studies coupled with extensive field study experiences connected to their capstone community service project in both Tokyo and Sapporo.  Students also exchange with Japanese high school students and stay with host families.